Through our ISO 9001 certified quality management system we have a continual focus on quality and our quality responsible employee registers and analyses complaints and deviations.

A focus on high quality

At Esbjerg Dentallaboratorium our staff is divided into 5 quality teams and the staff mutually check eachother's work. In addition we also make use of direct communication with the customer in order to best possibly avoid misunderstandings. Furthermore we have follow-up visits by Danish Standard on a regular basis.

We allow ourselves to ask for a new impression or bite register at the dentist if we deem the present work unsatisfactory and not leading to the desired quality. In this way we attain the highest possible quality - beneficial to both dentists and patients.


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We give the following guarantees:

  • 5 years on fixed prosthetics
  • 2 years on removable prosthetics
  • ½ year on orthodontic equipment
  • ½ year on repairs

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