About us

Welcome to a quality-minded dental lab that has delivered dental solutions since 1949 for customers in Denmark as well as abroad - caracterized by innovative solutions, high professionalism and with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Full-service dental lab

A focus on the customer, the quality and price is taken to a higher level at Esbjerg Dentallaboratorium. Since 1949 we have constantly expanded and evolved our experience and expertise. With us, solid craft and the newest 3D technology go hand in hand.

We are a full-service dental lab with a staff of 30 people and we have experienced specialists within all disciplines.

For example we have more than 25 years of experience in advanced implant prosthetics, fixed as well as removable, and due to our experience and the constructive collaboration with our clients our customer-base continues to expand within this discipline.

As a customer you can expect high quality craftsmanship, short time of delivery, clear communication and a safe delivery.


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For us customer and patient satisfaction is a matter of the utmost concern. We have specialists within all disciplines.

We are one of the oldest dental labs in Denmark and we have provided our services to customers all over the country and abroad since 1949.

Can we help your clinic? Contact us on +45 75123688 to hear more about how we can cooperate. We look forward to help you.

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