ClearSmile Aligner

The Clear Smile Aligner is a transparent and discrete solution that is being specifically used for milder anterior malocclusions. The Clear Smile solution is simple, safe and comfortable. We are a Clear Smile Aligner certified lab. 

A discrete and elegant solution

The Clear Smile Aligner solution consists of a range of removable cosmetic aligners designed to straighten the front 6-8 teeth of the patient in a simple, pain-free and economic way. The Clear Smile Aligner technology can straighten crowded, rotated or back-kipped teeth on the basis of an analogue or a digital print made by the dentist. The Clear Smile Aligner is made in clear plastic and every aligner is used for one week at a time after which the patient switches to the next aligner in the series. This process is repeated until the desired position of the teeth is achieved.


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The Clear Smile Aligner is a simple and discrete way to correct skewed front teeth and get a more beautiful smile.

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