Order and delivery

We offer day to day delivery for customers outside Esbjerg and we pick-up and deliver imprints etc. daily within Esbjerg Municipality. See our delivery schedule below.


We serve our out-of-town customers by mail and day to day delivery. All shipping in Denmark is prepaid from the lab to the dentist. You are wellcome to acquire labels for prepaid delivery from your clinic to the lab (each label costs 35 DKK when used and this amount is billed to the current order). It can be ordered on no. 7512 3688 or by email - info@esbjergdental.dk.

Within Esbjerg Municipality we pick up impressions etc. on a daily basis at the dentist and we deliver the finished product directly at the dentist as well.


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Examples of indicative times of delivery:

½ -1 working day for repair of prostheses (acrylic)
1 working day for a rebasing 
2 working days for a casted spare part (unitors)
2 days for a reflex-freeing night guard
2 working days for set-up or mounting of a whole-set
5 working days for a veneer crown
5 working days for a metal ceramic crown
5 working days for a whole ceramic crown
6-8 working days for bridges and implant bridges
5 working days for a casted frame
7 working days for Titanium work (unitors)
8 working days for an Inman Aligner

Larger works are made according to individual agreements.

Can we help your clinic? Contact us on +45 75123688 to hear more about how we can cooperate. We look forward to help you.

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