Removable prosthetics

Esbjerg Dentallaboratorium has delivered removable prosthetics for more than 65 years. We master all disciplines within the field and we offer flexible solutions of the highest quality.

Great expertise and high quality 

Esbjerg Dentallaboratorium performs everything within whole prostheses and partial prostheses and we repair all forms of removable prosthetics.

We also offer gingival-supported partial prostheses, hybrid prostheses embedded in occludator/articulator, gold casted frames, Vitalium 2000 and Titanium, duplication, rebasing, all types of braces as well as laser welding and enlargement of partial prostheses (acrylic/casted frames).

Our skills in removable prosthetics are comprehensible and our staff is constantly being trained in new techniques and materials.


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Client and patient satisfaction is a key issue for us. We have experienced specialists in all our departments. 

Can we help your clinic? Contact us on +45 75123688 to hear more about how we can cooperate. We look forward to help you.

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