Fixed prosthetics

Esbjerg Dentallaboratorium delivers the solution you need within all areas of fixed prosthetics - from gold-works to whole ceramical implant solutions.

Newest technology and vast experience

At Esbjerg Dentallaboratorium we use the newest technologies available on the market within fixed prosthetics and we only use the best materials. We produce fixed prosthetics on the basis of analogue as well as digital impression technology and we have our own machines for producing CAD/CAM-milled inlays, crowns and bridges. We use 3Shape's scanners and software for digitalizing impressions and models as well as for 3D-modelling of all fixed restorations.

We produce:

  • Gold: Build-ups, inlays, veneer crowns, gold bridges, root mantles 
  • Metal ceramics: Mk-crowns and mk-bridges
  • Steel: Veneer crowns, mk-crowns, Maryland-bridges, implant bridges 
  • Titanium: Abutments, crowns and bridges 
  • Whole ceramics: e.max CAD, monolit zirkonium, zirconium with porcelain
  • Composit/plastics: PMMA-properties, Ambarino High Class-inlay/onlay crowns and bridges


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As one of the oldest and biggest dental labs in Denmark we have vast experience within all areas of fixed prosthetics.


Can we help your clinic? Contact us on +45 75123688 to hear more about how we can cooperate. We look forward to help you.

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